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"Brilliantly Moving" is being auctioned at the Baltimore Center Stage IMPROVISE 2021 online auction: Item Bidding begins May 28 thru 10pm June 5, 2021. Please bid generously to assist an inspiring Art venue that provides exceptional theatre and education to our community.

Finding Balance In Chaos
When my water scenes were described as being "chaos", I was surprised and annoyed since they projected smooth, flowing water; peaceful and relaxing. However, water is included in Chaos Theory since it is unpredictable. Yet, in the reflections of trees and sky in water, and in the ripples that occur, there seems to be patterns which give an orderly balance.

These following paintings are my pursuit of finding balance with vertical and horizontal lines, and harmonies of color. It was also enjoyable to find images that morph into other images as one can find while gazing at clouds. In addition, there is a kaleidoscope effect shown in the ripples of "Chaotic Patterns". So this series of paintings is named Finding Balance in Chaos.

"Swirls" 12"x20" gallery wrapped oil painting

"Chaotic Images" 14"x18" gallery wrapped oil painting

"Chaotic Patterns" framed pastel painting 23"x28"

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